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Gold Rush to SoCal’s Retail Market

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Excerpt by Ian Ritter, Read the Full Story

Someone once asked Jesse James why he robbed banks, and he said, ‘That’s where the money is.’ The same sentiment holds true for Southern California where the coastal communities, for the most part, are doing very well, Craig Killman of JLL points out.

Logistics Lag for Same-Day Delivery

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Widespread same-day delivery won’t be viable this year or next for most retailers. Why the delay?  Especially when topics like drone-delivery have become regular dinner table talk?

It all comes down to the logistics networks that currently support the majority of retailers. These systems, with few exceptions, were based on a model… Read More

The New Scarcest Resource: Shoppers Attention

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Why, when and how consumers shop has shifted drastically during the last 25 years. We live in a world of ‘choice exhaustion’, clutter and indecision – so how are retailers embracing technology and breaking through the noise? On May 20th from 11:00-11:30 a.m. in the ICSC Coca Cola Happiness Lounge  JLL Retail experts Michael Hirschfeld and Aaron Ahlburn share how retailers are finding innovative ways to stimulate consumers suffering from information overload. During this… Read More

Digital Storefronts in Physical Properties

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NEWSFLASH ICSC European Conference Update: The day started with keynote speaker, Alexander Von Schimeister, managing director for eBay in Turkey, explaining how eBay has evolved from initially working with private sellers to trade ‘collectable’ and unique items, to larger companies and brands. Today over 75% of the items that eBay sells are brand new, and eBay is working with retailers to market and sell their products to a wider customer base, without diluting the… Read More

Retail Crosses a Bridge this Week in Istanbul

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NEWSFLASH: ICSC European Conference Update: This week the retail industry gathers in Istanbul, Turkey for the 2014 ICSC European Conference to examine how shopping centers can innovate, analyze how to meet changing consumer demands and learn about future growth – and after a few delayed flights from the United States, I finally made it!

My arrival flight descended over the rural countryside of Turkey, and then approached the urban areas and city… Read More

Robert Gibson Joins JLL to Expand NYC Retail Practice

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Robert Gibson has joined JLL as vice chairman of New York retail brokerage to lead the expansion of the firm’s retail platform in Manhattan, and will be responsible for the growth of retail tenant and agency leasing in the market.

“New York is a vital market for international retailers pursuing entry into the U.S., and for national retailers seeking access to an extremely dense customer base. As retail’s globalization continues and competition

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