Red Flagging Emergencies, Elevates Operations

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Several properties across Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico were impacted by recent hurricanes and in limbo post storm. The operations team was able to use JLL’s RedFlag notification system to communicate with the property’s staff, retailers, and senior management in seconds with real-time updates. What was once a mass email or phone tree system, has now been simplified saving crucial time during crisis management.

We’re now adding a Corporate Communications portal to the RedFlag system. This will allow the corporate property management teams to swiftly communicate with JLL properties’ and staff, including the General Manager/Property Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager and Specialty Leasing Manager.

The new portal will give JLL the ability to communicate from a global, regional, and local level when potential threats or issues trending in the media/social media could impact your properties. This new tool will allow you to be on the forefront of emergency preparedness, keeping us even more proactive versus reactive to potential threats against your properties and the on-site personnel.


For more information about our RedFlag programming please reach out to Barry Wood.

Barry B. Wood
Director of Operations
Office: +1-801-475-4356

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