Shopping Center Security – Goodbye Phone Trees, Hello Texts and Tweets

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iphone4-screenshotIn an unpredictable world, security in shopping centers and retail outlets has taken center stage. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) estimates that last year, a typical mall spent more than $1 million on security. While prevention is ideal, preparedness and responsiveness are critical to stabilizing and mobilizing employees and tenants during a crisis.

In a proactive effort to enhance the coordination between property management and retailers during threatening incidents, JLL, the largest third-party asset manager of retail properties in the U.S., today announced it will be implementing an emergency notification system, RedFlag, across its portfolio.

  • RedFlag will provide mass emergency notification on a host of possible threats and dangerous situations, as well as other non-threatening situations.
  • Notifications will be sent using multiple channels, including text, e-mail and voice messages, to increase the receipt of critical information.
  • Phase I is being implemented at 39 mall properties, and the program is expected to be fully rolled-out to more than 90 percent of the JLL retail portfolio by September 2014.

The very public accessibility inherent at malls and shopping centers requires a proactive approach to addressing safety concerns. “Each and every incident has been a wake-up call. There is, and always will be, more to do on the emergency preparedness front, and communication is critical during a crisis,” said Karen Raquet, Director of National Property Services for JLL. “For JLL-managed assets, we needed to rethink how we communicate from a security standpoint. The safety of our shoppers, employees and tenants is a top priority for us and by utilizing RedFlag, we are better able to facilitate quick and timely communication during an emergency.”

Using the latest technologies in digital communications, RedFlag’s mass notification system can distribute emergency notifications, as well as urgent and informational messages, in a way that is simple, effective and convenient. RedFlag is a cloud-based platform that enables a property management team to send one message that automatically converts for delivery to voice, text or email messages, and postings on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“We live in an information-driven society, so when the unexpected occurs, we expect to be told immediately,” said Daniel Wagstaff, Chief Executive Officer at Pocketstop, which powers RedFlag. “The RedFlag mass notification system will allow JLL-managed properties to send one message that can reach recipients anywhere, anytime, bringing consistency and critical information directly to targeted audiences.”


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