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E-commerce sales tax ruling: a boon to brick and mortar retail?

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The highest court in the U.S. has leveled the playing field for e-commerce companies and retail landlords snared in a tug-of-war for consumers.

The Supreme Court ruled last week that state governments have the authority to collect billions of dollars in new sales tax from online retailers… Read More

Flagship Confidential: Enticing Customers with Experiences

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Flagships signify the lead ship guiding a fleet, and today flagship stores act similarly for a retailer guiding their store portfolio with innovative concepts, technology and merchandise. While luxury brands have used flagship stores for years to connect with customers and grow brand recognition, JLL’s latest research report Flagship Confidential, shows an increase in retailers across all price points using a flagship store strategy. The report, which looks at 145 flagship… Read More

Adding Bricks to Clicks: 3 Reasons Online-Only Should Go Physical

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Why-the-internet-is-not-enough-for-retailersFifteen years ago, online-only retailers didn’t exist. Today, more than 100,000 e-commerce retailers operate in the United States and e-commerce is growing exponentially. These online retailers are gathering in the Windy City for the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition today, and JLL’s retail and e-commerce team are onsite sharing how online-only retailers can… Read More

Metrics for Success in a Clicks (and Bricks) World

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The term ‘omnichannel’ has become so ubiquitous that there doesn’t seem to be any real separation between the online and offline channel anymore. Consumers buy online and pick up in store, or buy an in-store item to shipped to their home or shop at the store, having already researched the product online.

In fact, there are very few retailers who can exist without an online presence, and even successful online retailers are… Read More

4 Ways to Maximize Online Retailing this Black Friday

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Black-Friday_infographic_FINAL-01Since the emergence of Black Friday in the United States as the venerated kickoff to the post-Thanksgiving shopping season, there have been a multitude of strategies employed by retailers to attract customers to their stores and to benefit from a swell of consumer spending.  These tactics have included opening… Read More

Retailers Keep it Simple for Shoppers this Holiday Season

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Shoppers have more money in their pockets this holiday season, as unemployment remains at a post-recession low and fuel prices remain low. However, in a competitive retail market, standing out among the competition is a major feat. According to new data from JLL’s 2015 Holiday Sentiment Report, which includes feedback from largely national or global retailers in JLL-managed shopping centers across the United States, this year’s differentiator will hinge on simplifying… Read More

How Drones and Dark Stores Could Change the Retail Supply Chain Landscape

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The omni-channel marathon is turning into a sprint to win the consumer over in the last mile – but that race is far from over. With the increase in mobile and online shopping, delivery wars have been set and with them, aggressive same-day deliveries that target 1-2 hour delivery windows. But it remains to be seen if consumers will pay extra for it. The heated competition among retailers large and small… Read More

5 Things to Know About Omni-channel Distribution

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OmniChannel1. COST VERSUS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: As retailers compete on customer experience throughout the omni-channel supply chain process, the type of real estate and where it is located is playing a major role.  In fact, according to JLL research, seven out of 10 retailers are still shaping their omni-channel product offering and customer service commitments. Meanwhile, Boston Consulting Group data shows… Read More

5 Keys Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

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Consumers1. EMBRACE THE OMNI-CHANNEL EXPERIENCE: More and more retailers are striving to build a true omni-channel experience that merges at-home, in-store and mobile commerce into one seamless experience. In other words, if a customer wants to view an item online, purchase it using their phone and pick it up in-store, they can do so in a smooth and effortless way.… Read More

Four Retail Distribution Trends to Watch in 2015

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Retailers, consumer goods and e-commerce companies are driving nearly 40 percent of all industrial real estate demand. A new JLL report on global e-commerce points to four major 2015 retail distribution trends:

E-Commerce1)      Hello, Online Grocery Shopping. Grocery shopping as we know it is changing. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) expects the global online grocery market… Read More