Roger Staubach’s Secret to Success in Retail = Teamwork and Family

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Chances are if you’ve ever watched one of the Dallas Cowboy’s pro football big games in the ‘70s, you can recognize this throw.


Standing in the front of a packed Retail Product Council at the Urban Land Institute’s Fall Conference in Dallas, is JLL’s own Executive Chairman and football legend Roger Staubach, showcasing his namesake “Hail Mary” throw to a captive audience as JLL Retail’s CEO Greg Maloney closes the session.

Staubach doled out more than just footballs at the event. His advice urged the audience of retail real estate industry vets to work hard as a team, not as individuals. “I learned with the Cowboys that it doesn’t matter how many good players you have, it is how they operate together, that makes success.”

Staubach stayed in the real estate industry even as he found success as a pro quarterback. He stressed the importance of prioritization. “I knew my goal was to be there when my kids needed me,” he said describing how he and wife Marianne would keep a calendar of family commitments.  It didn’t rogermatter if he won a business deal or not. He felt that being there for his kids were much more important.

Staubach credits his pro career in football, for teaching him business lessons that can help investors and occupiers win in the retail game.

“Most retailers have figured out that they need a combination of online ordering, store pick-up, delivery and experience in the store. And, it isn’t one or the other, it is really all of the above,” said Staubach.

He stressed that Retail is a “fantastic industry growing at a quick pace.” And, while store closings appear to be at a cyclical high with 58.7 million square feet of announced closures in the first half of 2016, it’s not as bad as it sounds, he said.

“There is so much excitement happening in retail from technology to food destinations,” said Staubach. “I’m proud to have been in the real estate business for 46 years. Retail is strong.”

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