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Shoppers at JLL-Managed Centers Share in the “JOY” of the Holiday Season

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While shoppers are busy rushing to complete their shopping lists, JLL-managed retail centers have been tapping into the festive spirit of the holiday season by encouraging customers to stop and take a moment to Be a Part of the JOY.  JLL’s new “JOY” promotional campaign, which hinges on experiential marketing, allows shoppers to create memories to last the whole year through. Shoppers at participating JLL-managed centers can create and share their… Read More

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Shopping Bags and Global Flags: Retailers Vie for a Stake in U.S. Real Estate Market

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PART II: International retailers land on U.S. soil

Beyond cross-border capital flows, international retail brands continue to land on U.S. soil for expansion and are targeting top-tier core markets for their storefronts. A diverse consumer base, buoyant income growth and a resilient economy has currently lured 175 international brands to take root in 19 top retail markets coast to coast, according to JLL’s latest report, The New World of… Read More

Shopping Bags and Global Flags: International Investment

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As the flow of capital throughout the world increases, and retailers and investors chase diversification and strong returns, the U.S. retail market is attracting more time in the international spotlight. JLL’s latest research anticipates a measured and selective uptick in cross-border retailing and capital flows into the U.S. in the coming year.

PART I: Cross-border capital flows soar into U.S. retail assets

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JLL Identifies the Top U.S. Markets for Luxury Retailers in New Report

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Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,” and in retail the right storefront can do just that: create irreplaceable differentiation. In the United States, five major cities, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco, have risen to the top of the list for luxury storefronts, according to JLL’s The New World of Retail report. JLL’s report, debuting at ICSC’s New York CoRead More