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For the past 17 years, Jason Metz has been at the forefront of the brand experience revolution. He’s helped iconic brands including: Porsche, P&G, Adidas, IBM, Anheuser-Busch, Walmart, Forever21, Nokia, MillerCoors, Pizza Hut and Conde Nast create stronger, more rewarding and longer-lasting relationships with their consumers, resulting in significantly higher sales, profitability and market share.

Jason is equal parts integrated marketing strategist, business consultant and entrepreneur. He has driven over $200 million in revenue throughout his career and launched three successful small businesses. A true partner to his clients, Jason exceeds the status quo and excels by implementing change, evolution and transformation. As Vice President for Big Red Rooster (a JLL Company), he helps brands tell their stories, stand out from the crowd, achieve cultural resonance, and create a more immersive experience for consumers – resulting in higher sales and building brand value.

Today’s consumers make buying decisions differently than ever before. They decide to give their business to companies differently than ever before. They crave informational and entertaining content.

They want the in-store and online experience to be fun, informative and enjoyable. They want to understand the back story and belief systems of brands, to feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves.

In 2017, “brand” matters. The experience consumers have with brands is worth more than the products or services they sell. And a company’s physical environments – wherever they may be – absolutely must bring their brand to life, to immerse consumers and appeal to their wants, needs and desires.

So what’s in it for you? To GET AHEAD OF THE GAME.

At JLL, we work with landlords, tenants and developers to create an inviting retail environment or to find the right space. But having a store isn’t enough. If the physical environment is not up to par, doesn’t bring a brand promise to life and doesn’t get in-store consumers (and employees alike) excited, what’s the point?

Luckily, you have Big Red Rooster at your disposal and this is their forte. An interesting collaboration can be formed – where Jason can help create that alluring brand experience and promote the physical space to draw in consumers and take them along the journey to purchase.

Don’t worry if you’ve reached this point and you are still unsure as to how Jason and his team can help, because he is more than willing to connect the dots. Every company – big and small – has key business challenges that can be cumbersome. But with a stronger brand, better brand experience, and more impactful environments, a difference can be made. Luckily, Jason and BRR are the best in the business at providing all three of these business solutions. And bringing in BRR to JLL clients will help JLL’s client relationships become deeper, more valuable, more consistent and longer-lasting.

Whether a company’s goals are customer acquisition or retention, in-store traffic or dwell time, online or social media engagement, more compelling or share-worthy content, stronger brand identity or creative assets, more impactful product trial and sampling, or any number of critical business objectives, BRR is the ideal partner for JLL and its clients.

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