Best of Both Worlds: Bridget Grams

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Bridget Grams, EVP, Retail Brokerage, worked for a small 12-person company prior to JLL and life was great, but she never imagined it could get better. Imagine her apprehension of transitioning to such a larger company, but the transitions was smooth and life at JLL has been fantastic.

Bridget’s had a successful year due to the human aspect. From her team that works out of the Roosevelt office to her co-negotiators, she is surrounded by so many people who are willing to lend a helping hand, give advice and network. “I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such vibrant people with dynamic abilities,” Bridget shares.

As a deal junkie, Bridget has figured out a recipe for her success and persistence. Over the years she realized there’s a cadence to deal making and negotiating that keeps her on her game. As the deal is heating up and it’s almost clear that it’s going to close soon, the pace switches into high gear and this sets off an internal clock within her – almost like her own deal intuition. Luckily for Bridget this has helped carry her far and she’s never had to doubt her path. She’s never second guessed her career choice or pondered a career change. This is not the norm for most professionals and Bridget realizes this which leads her to believe this career is the perfect fit.

Although Bridget has been fortunate enough to have many mentors throughout her career to support and lead her along the way, the two individuals who made the first and largest impact were her parents – for two very different reasons. Her mother, Molly, who is sociable, outgoing and has an infectious personality passed along these traits to Bridget. Now, Bridget loves creating partnerships and bringing people together. Her father, Jon, has a great way of looking at complicated financial transactions. He’s very analytical and can figure out a solution to complicated business situation. Her parents knew she would be a professional from the age of five so they reinforced her skillsets as she grew. Sending her to leadership camps and sourcing her with the best tutors, they invested in her abilities which is why she is the woman she is today dominating both scales – personality and business acumen.

To continue her success, the one thing Bridget makes a conscious effort to do is read. And believe it or not it’s not just all work – like your business journals, trade publications and industry guides, Bridget enjoys fun/personal reading as well. One book that stood out to Bridget from early on in her career is Jim Collins Good to Great. Jim focuses on 11 companies that always did good and at some point in time they took off like a rocket. Jim analyzed the companies to see if they had something in common. (The answer is yes, but you’ll have to find out what on your own.) Bridget feels this book represents many of the companies she has/may work with so it’s instrumental in guiding some of her thoughts/tactics.

Bridget was thrilled to share that her paramount win of the year was the Noodles & Company termination project. She states, “It’s been very successful with almost all terminations completed, saving the company a significant amount.” It was also a win for her personally because the client is a former boss of hers (pre-JLL) which made it that much more rewarding.

Bridget’s advice? Create balance in your life. “I feel unbalanced when I have a problem or situation I am stressing about. So it’s so important to build partnerships with your teammates and those you work with to create a safety net of support when you need it,’ Bridget shares. This advice brings it full circle back to the human aspect. When you have a team that you can depend on, it helps relieve the pressure on you and you can utilize them as a think tank or second compass.

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