5 Tips to #SocialMedia and #Tech Stardom

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1. GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: When it comes to social media, listening is twice as valuable as posting! Retailers who follow this rule are the winners today because shoppers willingly share valuable personal data on social media.  Consumers have fewer privacy hang-ups than in previous years and obtaining personal information is easier for retailers.  The trade-off is consumers expect you to use that information to lure them with personalized
offers.  A generic invite is not going to motivate today’s shopper.

2. HAVE PHONE, WILL TRAVEL: Armed with their mobile phones, consumers today are willing to venture out of their comfort zone to find exactly what they want. The ability to search and map is helping drive consumers to retail locations they may not have known about through traditional advertising. It is critical for retailers to incorporate an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy into their marketing plans to stay visible on mobile devices.

3. OPINIONS—EVERYBODY’S GOT ONE: If you can’t say anything nice about someone, say it on the Internet!  Shoppers are not shy about sharing their opinions via social media.  Retailers must quickly capitalize on social media to right the wrongs. Take negative comments or experiences and turn them into positives to win back and retain shoppers. Engaging with shoppers publicly and in a transparent manner on social media can make or break a retailer during a negative situation.  Listen and respond immediately; radio silence does not work in your favor in this situation.

4. CATALOGUES DON’T CUT IT: Shopping in your pajamas is no longer a one-dimensional experience. Consumers can interact with favorite brands and retailers through videos and 360-degree views online in ways we never imagined. Retailers can use these tools to educate shoppers about products prior to purchase. Research shows shoppers utilize the web primarily for research and head to brick and mortar sites to close the deal. Embracing cutting-edge technology will drive in-store sales.

5. SHOPPERS KNOW BEST: Shoppers have the world at their fingers. It’s not uncommon for customers to present their smartphones, informing store personnel of the latest coupons/offers available in their store that day.  Retailers would be wise to stay one step ahead, or at the very least, have a plan in place to respond positively.

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Beth Faulkner, Vice President, Consumer Marketing, JLL
Ashlyn W. Booth, Vice President, Consumer Marketing, JLL



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