The New Scarcest Resource: Shoppers Attention

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Why, when and how consumers shop has shifted drastically during the last 25 years. We live in a world of ‘choice exhaustion’, clutter and indecision – so how are retailers embracing technology and breaking through the noise? On May 20th from 11:00-11:30 a.m. in the ICSC Coca Cola Happiness Lounge  JLL Retail experts Michael Hirschfeld and Aaron Ahlburn share how retailers are finding innovative ways to stimulate consumers suffering from information overload. During this dynamic session learn how retailers can, and are embracing the changes happening in the increasingly fast, smart, consumer-driven world. It is definitely an interesting time as the digital world continues to bleed into the physical.

Meet the Experts:


Michael and his son enjoying the tropics

Michael is an SVP in JLL’s National Retail Tenant Services group and specializes in high street retail.  Partnering with national and international retailers seeking to expand across borders, he is an expert to their needs through technology will ultimately find success in their web of social networks. Some of Michael’s favorite social media networks to peruse emerging brands include Pinterest and Instagram, but if you want to connect with him you can find him on LinkedInadvisor to premium brands and high-end retailers who are occupying space in enclosed malls and outlet centers as well as dense, urban retail markets. Michael suggests that, while technology has proven to be a necessary tool for retailers, it ultimately drills down to the shopping experience; nothing will ever replace the awe of a flagship store and the ability to touch and feel goods. However, retailers who engage shoppers in conversations and cater


Aaron during his trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro this past January

Aaron is the Director of Retail and Industrial Research at JLL, where he prepares in-depth, customized research on market trends and forecasts, consumer demand studies, economic updates and projections. In his studies, Aaron has found that technology is impacting every aspect of retail –  from giving customers on-the-spot product information and offers to the ability to try out items virtually, to the way in which sales are closed out to how CRM and purchase history data can be harnessed. He’s most recently he’s focused on NFC and BLE mobile payment technology and will share during the panel how these technologies will impact retailers in the coming years. For Aaron, LinkedIn is the right social network to keep him connected. As an avid traveler he’s all ears for new apps that will keep him organized. What’s your favorite?

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