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ICSC New York 2012 – Retail Expertise!

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We’ve been busy!  Check out our retail experts’ opinons from the 2012  ICSC New York Deal-Making Conference.  You can view the videos below or click here to visit our entire retail video playlist:

View videoA Retail Portfolio for Christmas?
Unlike year’s past, an extraordinary number of retail portfolios and assets are coming to market before… Read More

Putting the Gen-Y in inGENuitY

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As the most analyzed American generation to date, Baby Boomers seem to get all of the love. It’s a generation that is treasured within our American history. Although born in 1982, I feel like I have lived since the 60’s, as there seems to be no limits to the documentaries, books, TV specials and VH1 Behind the Music episodes.   Rest… Read More

Positive & Productive week at ICSC Chicago

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Positive & Productive was the theme of last week’s ICSC Deal Making Conference at Chicago’s Navy Pier.  While the consensus was that attendance was down,  all agreed on one key item – that retailers’ outlooks remain positive.   The timing of the San Diego/Chicago/Atlanta/New York conferences is problematic for retailers and they have to choose which events are best for them… Read More

Chicago ICSC Deal-Making is positive and upbeat

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As the first day of the Chicago ICSC deal-making conference wraps up, I can reflect on the mood of the show as being positive and upbeat.  We’ve already met with several retailers that are looking to expand their retail footprint, including Rue 21, Children’s Place and Ulta, to name a few.  Some retailers are looking to backfill for 2012, however the… Read More

See you at Navy Pier – ICSC Chicago Deal Making

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We are looking forward to a busy and productive ICSC Chicago Deal Making taking place at Navy Pier Oct. 3 – 4.  We have over 10 agency leasing and tenant representative specialists who will be meeting with retailers and clients.  We are excited this year to showcase JLL’s new local market structure for the Midwest Region with special focus on key… Read More

ICSC San Diego Recap – What were the hottest trends?

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Last week at the 2012 ICSC Western Conference, many of the trends my colleagues in Florida were seeing on the east coast are showing up on the west coast too.  Retailers are definitely looking for opportunities to expand, and restaurant concepts are the most aggressive.  The next hottest food trend that is being developed and growing first in California is the fast fired… Read More

Southern California Leasing Trends

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I just wanted to share a few of my Southern California trends as we start the second day of the ICSC Western Division conference. 

All indications show that the well-located, anchored shopping centers in core trade areas are seeing positive absorption and that rents and concessions have stabilized.  Long dormant tenants are beginning to expand again and value oriented tenants such… Read More

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What’s in store for ICSC Western Conference 2012?

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It’s no secret that the third and fourth quarter outlook for retail in the California and other west coast markets remain modest, but that retailers are faring far better now than the last two years.  As I’ve been finalizing my schedule for the upcoming 2012 ICSC Western Division Conference in San Diego, I’m keeping an eye on a handful of trends… Read More

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Florida is so HOT right now!

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Florida is extremely hot right now, and it’s not just because of the sweltering August sun.  At this year’s 2012 ICSC Florida conference that begins today, I’m expecting to see a huge influx of retailers, both domestically and internationally, that are not currently represented in the state of Florida wanting to take advantage of an early phase economic recovery to secure… Read More

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