More than Just Work: Matt Writt

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Matt Writt, VP, Retail Brokerage, is an army of one in Denver, Colorado. For Matt, life before JLL at his prior company was non collaborative, but JLL has been the opposite. Matt shares, “There’s cooperation across business lines and markets which have made a big difference in my success.” Having great support that allows him to focus on developing business and transactions was instrumental. He continues, “Beth Steeler (Denver), and the national retail group including Lauren Gonzalez have been great partners.”

His family and friends help him to stay persistent. Although he’s never thought about giving up, there have been many opportunities that came knocking and he reminded himself that switching gears toward other endeavors may not be the right path. To get through those tough/unpredictable times he spent time with family and friends which always brings things into perspective – good wine helps too.

One may wonder who has been instrumental throughout his career and Matt’s response, “there are a bunch.” Mostly it’s been his friends who were in the business before he dove in, but one piece of advice that stands out to him is from Gary Stein who told him early on “Always be present – you never know where your next deal is coming from.”

Although you never know where your next deal is coming from, when it does come, it can be career changing. Matt’s biggest wins of 2017 were personal ones – the birth of a 3rd daughter and a close friend overcame 2 types of aggressive cancer. “This brought everything into perspective.There were some nice business wins too, but family, friends and health are truly the most important things in life.”

To continue this success streak, Matt is focusing on growing by adding brokers and additional support who are complementary in his approach and business focus. He will also remain very conscious to trends and following retail down new paths of consolidation and growth.

Matt’s advice? Have fun every day and stay away from people who take energy and don’t give it.

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