Call it the Retailization of Health Insurance

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Have you heard about the retailization of health insurance? From Medicare to a mall near you, is the newest retail concept to hit the market.

USA Today says, “For the first time, insurers are fiercely competing to attract individual consumers and turning to traditional retail marketing techniques to do so, luring them into stores with special events and using splashy advertising. As any retailer knows, they have the greatest chance of converting shoppers to customers once they have them in their retail locations or on their sites.”

JLL’s Wally Wahlfeldt (who is working with three major insurers on a retail pilot programs) shares the impact of pop-up health insurance stores on retail real estate  saying, “The health care reform act — there’s a lot of confusion for a lot of people. Baby boomers prefer to purchase differently than their parents, they’re not comfortable with people coming to their home and are more comfortable with retail settings.”

For the full story visit USA Today:

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