Adding Bricks to Clicks: 3 Reasons Online-Only Should Go Physical

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Why-the-internet-is-not-enough-for-retailersFifteen years ago, online-only retailers didn’t exist. Today, more than 100,000 e-commerce retailers operate in the United States and e-commerce is growing exponentially. These online retailers are gathering in the Windy City for the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition today, and JLL’s retail and e-commerce team are onsite sharing how online-only retailers can snag a larger share of sales through setting up select brick-and-mortar locations.

Here’s 3 reasons why opening select physical stores furthers and supports the promotion and growth of an online business:

  1. To actually be a brand you need to be in touch with people in three dimensions, not two. Engage the shopper with as many of the five senses as possible. If you’re just starting to think about creating an off-line customer experience consider a small-format, pop-up shop in a core market to test the waters and gage shopper interest in your product.
  2. We now know that seamless online and offline integration is required for survival, as more than 53% of consumers prefer to use both store and online in their purchasing journey. The key to keeping the consumer entertained and engaged is integrating physical and digital experiences to provide an interactive and all inclusive experience that is combined with excellent service.
  3. There is an ability to generate more sales as more than 70% of online consumers live within a physical stores trade area. A storefront in a major trade area can support both new in-person purchases, order-online and pick-up in-store, and returns. Storefronts that combine a distribution center with their showroom can create maximum impact.

For more information on how to grow your retail/e-commerce business and meet today’s unique retail storefront, supply chain and distribution challenges visit JLL’s booth 451 or reach out to:

Erin Grace, CCIM, Managing Director, JLL
Tel  +1 212 812 5882

Matt Ramsey, Senior Vice President, JLL
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