JLL Taps Into Disruptive Technology, Brings Experiential Marketing to RECon

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In the wake of new technology advancements and increased consumer demand for a seamless, omnichannel shopping experience, the retail real estate industry must adapt or be left behind. Today at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) conference in Las Vegas, JLL reveals its fully renovated booth space (C1001-10th Avenue in the Central Leasing Hall), designed to showcase technology’s impact on the retail industry and  introduce retailers to solutions that impact consumers. JLL has partnered with leading technology companies including FaceCake, T-Mobile and COHN Marketing to feature the top trends.


“Our booth brings a retail high street and storefront environment to life through experiential marketing. We want visitors to feel that all their senses have been engaged, and form an emotional connection to JLL’s brand and that of our clients,” said Paige Steers, Director of Retail Marketing for JLL. “We know it can be a daunting task to understand the rapidly changing transformations in the industry and their impact on retail, so we’re bringing these advancements directly to conference attendees through physical and digital interactions.”


JLL’s booth will showcase five ways technology is impacting the retail real estate industry:


  1. Shrinking Stores, Virtual Space: Increasing demand for customization is driving retailers to small-store formats and personalized and innovative shopping experiences. JLL has partnered with FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc. to set up its Swivel® Virtual Dressing Room and Swivel® Smart Digital Signage stations in its booth, part of FaceCake’s augmented reality retail platform that allows visitors to virtually try on apparel and accessories instantly as if they’re looking in a mirror. Guests can share their favorite looks with friends, family and other show attendees through Swivel’s integrated social shopping feature. JLL is also encouraging participants to share their experience via social media with the hashtag #RECon15 and #ICSCStyle.
  2. Put a Beacon on That: JLL is partnering with COHN to feature Beacons, small devices that send out targeted and custom messages when a user enters its proximity, and showcase how to distribute news and promotions to increase sales and loyalty shopping. These beacons will send out unique messages to RECon attendees who have downloaded the most recent version of the ICSC Mobile App to their phone.
  3. All-Aboard: The Food Phenomenon: Earlier this year, Americans achieved a new milestone, spending more of their food dollars in restaurants rather than home cooking, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  . Four out of the five fastest-growing retailers are food-related, and to showcase the fast-casual trend, JLL has partnered with international investor, Stropiq Inc., to create a limited service restaurant in the form of a train dining car. JLL employees and their clients can reserve tables and take a virtual ride through the Wild (Mid) West to Stropiq’s Williston Crossing development.
  4. Where in the World is Retail Headed: JLL takes its visitors through a journey using a 3D, 6-foot digital globe. The globe features content on technological trends impacting today’s built environment, and showcases international market opportunities using JLL’s proprietary Blackbird site selection tool.
  5. ALERT: Low Battery: Consumers have access to nearly everything at their fingertips, but when the batteries on mobile devices start to die everything comes to a screeching halt. T-Mobile will offer charging station lockers, increasing productivity for attendees when they start to lose juice.


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Visit JLL’s booth, C1001-10th Avenue in the Central Leasing Hall, Monday May 18, 2015 through Wednesday May 20, 2015 to experience these latest technology trends.


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