JLL-Managed Retail Centers “Go Better with Coke”

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What is the number one reason people stop shopping?  If you guessed the answer is because they’re trying to limit their spending, you’d be wrong. The number one reason people close up their wallets and go home is because they are hungry or thirsty. In an effort to provide its consumers with on-the-go refreshment, JLL today announced it has entered into a national vending agreement with Coca-Cola to bring on-site beverage vending to its centers. The roll-out of the three-year Coca-Cola vending services agreement will commence with 25 JLL-managed centers, with an expansion of services as prior contracts come up for expiration within JLL’s portfolio.

JLL’s Director of Specialty Leasing Tracey Hatley and National Account Manager Josh Harris, are leading the JLL Retail team on this project.

“Kiosks, vending services and temporary tenants only account for one percent of total occupied retail space in the U.S., but there is a tremendous opportunity for these tenants to make a big impact on centers’ revenue,” said Hatley. “By partnering with Coca-Cola vending services, these JLL-managed centers will benefit greatly while providing an amenity for their consumers. It’s the ‘real thing’ for everyone – consumers’ needs are met with a new differentiated shopping experience, our clients are gaining a new ancillary income stream and Coca-Cola helps refresh consumers in new venues.”

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