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Tyson Switzenberg, Senior Vice President and Arizona Retail Brokerage Lead, went from running his own company of three employees to being part of a growing global organization, so it’s no shock that his transition to JLL was transformative. Tyson says, “I see a major difference in the knowledge base and resources of working within such a large organization, yet that still maintains a culture of energy and enthusiasm, where the team looks out for one another and has the willingness to lend a helping hand to others.”

That collaboration extends to Tyson’s Arizona retail team at JLL: John Reva and Tim Hurley. John and Tyson have worked together for 10 years and have known each other for 20 years (since college), creating a natural trust that makes it that much easier for them to work collaboratively. And although Tim has only been with the team a little over a year, he came in the door creating tons of value.

Someone once said, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is Tyson’s philosophy and his motivation to always persevere, because he loves what he does. “Life is too short to not enjoy what you do, and for me that is coming to work every day,” Tyson shares. Although 2017 was a successful year for Tyson and his team, the course hasn’t always been easy. Case in point: when Tyson and John Reva started their company in 2008, followed just one year later by the market’s turn for the worse. This made their next few years difficult and hard to come to work, but Tyson remained resilient and maintained his focus on his clients’ needs. “Whether the market was strong or weak, whether there was a fee to be made or not, I focused on my clients’ needs, which helped me in the long run.”

One doesn’t develop this outlook overnight. For Tyson, Greg Laing of Phoenix Commercial Advisors provided words of wisdom and guidance that Tyson pays forward. “Greg always preached teamwork and collaboration through his motto, ‘View your peers as allies and not competitors, and everyone wins.’ That still resonates with me,” said Tyson. This advice, coupled with Tyson’s commitment to take care of and protect his clients, have helped him and his team to continue to grow and experience success. Tyson believes a broker’s reputation is in the client’s hands, and when they talk (hopefully all good things), your business grows. Therefore, Tyson will continue to focus on making his clients’ interests his top priority.

We can’t forget what got him this feature: deals that include a memorable win in January 2017 with Flix Brewhouse in downtown Chandler, Arizona. The Flix lease came after working with the restaurant-theatre operator for more than four years to find the perfect Arizona debut location. “It’s more than monetary,” said Tyson. “Movie theater site selection can be extremely tough to get done due to spacing requirements. That made this success even more gratifying – to know that we had a client with a big challenge, and we persevered to navigate their solution.”

Tyson’s advice? There will always be ups and downs, but no matter the market condition, if you put your clients first, it will

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