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5 Ways Retailers Can Avoid the Pitfalls of Expanding Abroad

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1. CROSS BORDERS, CAREFULLY: An expansion outside the relative comfort zone of the United States takes a great deal of study, patience and planning. Most foreign retailers that expand into the U.S. spend 12-24 months on research and due diligence before they even consider possible sites for their stores. U.S. retailers who want to cross borders would be wise to adopt… Read More

You’ve got questions, who’s got answers…now that RadioShack’s closing 1000 stores?

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RadioShack’s Super Bowl Commercial The 80’s called…. They want their store back was a big hit, and may have been extremely prescient. But despite the headlines, the new store design promoted in the commercial is not counter to closing excess and underperforming stores— in fact it supports it, says JLL’s Michael Hirschfeld.

Shuttering storefronts is not revolutionary anymore, it’s evolutionary! In one fell swoop Radio Shack is changing how consumers perceive them, and

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