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5 Reasons Why Lenders Are Looking to Retail

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  1. Uptick in Competition: Due to the liquidity of the debt capital markets and the pursuit of higher yields, all lender groups including life companies, CMBS, banks, pension funds and debt funds are actively looking to place capital on retail product on a national basis at loan-to-value ratios of 65-85 percent.  Grocery-anchored assets in primary markets continue to attract the most
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Institutional Lenders to Place Record Capital into Commercial Real Estate in 2014

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LIVE FROM MBA: It is hard to believe that just seven short years ago, an economic collapse sent the U.S. debt markets into a tailspin, and the commercial real estate industry was left holding near valueless paper and underwater investments across the nation. Now, commercial property investors and lenders have a new attitude, and it seems they are just as confident as the peak market days. Industry experts attending the Mortgage Banker’s… Read More